Former AU employee and President Campo’s son arrested on drug charges and child endangerment


Source: Ashland Jail

Bree Gannon and Justin Davis


Brandon Campo, former Ashland University Graduate Admissions Representative, and son of Ashland University President Carlos Campo, was accused of child endangerment, possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia on June 19.

The university has confirmed that Brandon is no longer employed on the Ashland campus, but other than that confirmation, the university denied comment, citing the matter was of personal concern.

According to the police report, Brandon was apprehended on Ashland University’s campus at 12:35 p.m. and then transported to his residence at 1583 State Route 60.

According to the Ashland Police report filed on June 19, several drug-related items were found within the residence. Law enforcement cited four bottles of marijuana, one baggie of marijuana, a leather bag with marijuana grinders, a bottle with green pills and blue pills, as well as, a bottle containing blue, yellow, and white pills, a digital scale, two glass marijuana pipes, a glass jar with marijuana residue, a black marijuana smoker, a wooden box with marijuana seeds and rolling papers.

The reports state, “The marijuana was found in the basement bathroom, hidden in the ceiling.” Other paraphernalia was also found in the bathroom cabinet drawer, bathroom medicine cabinet and the bedroom dresser.

The police report said Brandon used his iPhone X to set up illegal drug transactions for marijuana, Alprazolam, and amphetamine. The report states the defendant also admitted to ordering marijuana from Colorado and having it shipped to his State Route 60 address in Ashland.

Source: Ashland Police Report #34183

Brandon was also charged with child endangerment due to allegedly selling illegal drugs while his infant son was home.

Brandon’s wife, Madeline Campo, was also arrested on child endangerment, drug paraphernalia, and drug charges.

According to the police report it was stated, “Illegal drug deals were also conducted on that same property while their son was home.”

Source: Ashland Police report #33057

Brandon and Madeline will appear in Ashland Municipal Court on Friday, August 17th at 1:30 pm.