2018 URCA Symposium preview


Paul Murray, Reporter

The 2018 Undergraduate Research and CReative Activity Symposium (URCA) will take place on
Wednesday, April 11, starting at 9 A.M at the Ashland Convocation Center.

URCA was created by Weber in 2009 and has since become a signature event of Ashland University. The event allows for faculty and students to work together on original projects and present to their peers in a
variety of ways.

“The symposium follows the format of a professional conference, allowing students to present original
research, perform theatrical and musical selections, read original pieces of creative writing, and exhibit
their artwork.” said Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Dawn Weber.

The first session of oral presentations begin at 9 A.M and will run until 11:30 A.M. Four students will
present their research in 15 minutes windows in the Trustee room of the Convocation Center.

From there, the more hands-on poster and exhibition sessions will take place from 11:45 A.M to 1:45 P.M
in the Alumni room. This enables interaction between the presenter and the audience, allowing for
spectators to touch a piece of artwork, look at statistics presented on a trifold board, and engage with
other students.

“I’ll be attending URCA because our class is requiring it, but also because I’m interested in some of the
scientific and artistic projects,” said Lindsay Baker, a sophomore at Ashland University. “I saw that one
student is doing a presentation on Shawshank Redemption, and I will definitely check that out.”

After lunch, the second round of oral sessions will commence at 2 P.M in the Trustee and Faculty rooms,
and will finish with the last presentation at 4:15 P.M.

Ashland alumni Mary Moeller and Dr. Josh Allen will join the students and faculty by presenting their
current research in their respected fields.

“This year we are pleased to announce that two arts and sciences alumni will present at URCA. Mary
Moeller graduated in 2015 in psychology and Josh Allen in 2007 with a major in toxicology and psychology.” said Dr. Dawn Weber.

Moeller is currently a third-year graduate student in clinical psychology at Bowling Green State
University. Her research is based on nursing homes, and includes the outcome of mindfulness and
acceptance-based intervention as well as finding ways to improve the quality of life and psychological
health of those in care-based facilities.

Dr. Josh Allen is a development neurotoxicologist and inhalation toxicologist. In 2013, he completed his
doctorate in toxicology from the University of Rochester. His research has focused on early life exposure to
inhaled materials and the later effects it has on the body.

Mary Moeller and Dr. Josh Allen can both be seen during the first session of oral presentations, along
with many others throughout the day.

For a complete list of presenters and exhibitions go to Ashland.edu/URCA or follow the link below.