Coburn gallery holds senior art exhibition

Rachel Ramsey

Ashland University senior art majors are preparing for their final art exhibition for the spring semester.

The seniors will showcase their capstone experience and senior art awards will be given out.
A variety of projects will be included in the exhibition like graphic design, ceramics and paintings.

Senior Rachael Santee talks about her inspirations with her artwork and what to expect to see in the gallery.

“My biggest inspiration creating my work is the human body and really giving it all the credit it deserves. My work is about the immense beauty found in the human form and I want to show real people in their realest forms,” Santee said. “I’m also inspired a lot by nature, especially that of flowers! I use flowers in my work to help represent the body and show that flowers come in millions of different shapes and sizes, yet we see all as beautiful and how is that any different from the human form.”

Along with Santee, there are five other artists thats artwork will be showcased in the exhibition.

Seniors Keeleigh Myers, Alex Roddy, Rebekah Hale, Christy Witte and Deveraux Diaz will have their artwork in the gallery as well.

According to Ashland University press release, Coburn Gallery director, Cynthia Petry, talks about how the exhibition is more than just showcasing capstones.

“While the 2018 Senior Art Exhibition provides the capstone experience for graduating art majors, it represents more than just students’ studio art experiences,” Petry said, “For these students of the liberal arts, the exhibition is the culmination of their undergraduate careers at Ashland University.”

The senior art exhibition is set for April 12 with an opening reception at 4:30 p.m. and the senior art awards will be given out at 5 p.m.

The exhibition will run through May 5 at the Coburn Art Gallery located inside the Center for the Arts building.

It is a free event and it is open to the public.