Pottery, paint, and more: the Tin Can Chandelier


To create an artistic atmosphere in the Ashland Community, Keely Wurster, an Ashland University graduate, opened an art studio called The Tin Can Chandelier early last year with the help of her creative director, Mary Cooper.

The Tin Can studio is devoted to sharing the ability to create art with artists and art lovers all across the city of Ashland.

People of all ages are welcome to enjoy the events and activities that the Tin Can has to offer.
From classes on sculpting to pottery and painting there is something to enjoy for all art types. The building is located on 1258 Franklin Ave. in Ashland.

The building can also be rented for any private event for 125 dollars an hour, if the customer does not wish to use any art materials. Customers can also rent out the space to hold a birthday party or event if they want to make art.

The name of the art studio came from Wurster’s love of repurposing things. Upon entering the studio, customers are greeted with an actual chandelier made from tins and scrap metal. It has become a centerpiece, alongside the theme of the building which is built to look like a wooden barn. On the inside it is open and welcoming.

“There are so many people hiding in their garages and barns that have awesome talent, so it was like giving a place to come and share for those that want to teach and share what they’re passionate about. We are that house for them to come do that,” owner of the studio, Keely Wurster said.

Other classes that the Tin Can offers are fundamental skills of stained glass, brusho watercolor crystals workshop, dried spring wreath workshop, ceramic porg workshop, hand-lettering and crochet.

All of these classes are beginning to take off for the studio, and many of their ceramics classes are filling up each class session.

Lexi Swainhart, a student at Ashland University, made a clay piece there “and it was a great experience.”

“The Tin Can Chandelier has a really positive, creative atmosphere, and the staff will assist you in making whatever you want to make. It is a really relaxed and artistic environment,” she said.
This location in Ashland provides a local outlet for enthusiasts that previously had to drive long distances to take classes.

At the Tin Can, customers that want to do pottery buy a package of clay and can mold anything that they want, then come back whenever they want to glaze it and put it in the kiln.
The customers that purchased a package of clay can continue doing this until the package of clay that they bought runs out.

If someone wanted to paint but didn’t make an appointment or come during a class time, they could come during walk-in hours and create a canvas or paint a piece of pottery.

“‘If you build it they will come’ was our business plan to just start with, which was exciting and fun, but everything is going well,” Wurster said. Tin Can opened last February, and is a little over a year old, but is already so successful.

“My original thought was to take down an old barn and pop up a barn, but it turns out that’s not as easy as it sounds. So again, with that Tin Can Chandelier and that refurbished look, that was kind of the thought process between me and my husband and our friend. We definitely all had a little say in it,” she said.

The Tin Can is hoping to have an outdoor clay studio by October so that they can hold classes outside.

Another addition to the Tin Can that may be starting sometime in the future would be music. They are looking for musicians to sing during summer days and summer nights. This would add an even more relaxed, and artistic feeling to the building.

“People say thank you to me weekly, which is so cool. A mom and a daughter came in today and they picked up their mugs and they were so excited to do this together and now they’re going to buy a package,” Wurster said.

The three-fold of the studio is a paint your own pottery studio, where customers can come and go as they wish.

The Tin Can values community and the people within that community, the studio has even created team-building events like field trips where they can take the art and materials out of the studio.

This year the art studio gave two-hundred dollars to a youth that was heavily involved in the making of art at the Tin Can.

The end result of the Tin Can is to set up scholarships and give back to the people who need it.
More information about the classes and the studio can be found at tincanartstudio.com.