Commuter services office works to help students

Ingrid Schmidt

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AU’s Commuter Services office works to offer commuter students the same college experience as residential students.

“We try to be an advocate for commuter students, help them get connected to the other offices on campus, and provide events and services for them,” Erin Mitchell, Commuter Services coordinator, said.

Since commuters can live up to 35 miles away, the university offers free commuter lockers, and the commuter lounge in the student center.

“Commuters maybe in the time between classes, they don’t have their residence hall to go back to so giving them a space to hang out with each other, meet other commuters. It has a TV, it has a microwave, a sink,” Mitchell said.

Another service provided to students is assistance with car troubles.

Safety Services Director Dave McLaughlin said that commuter students call frequently for help with their cars.

“We do more jump starts and lockouts with commuter students than anybody and of course that’s because they’re using their cars every day,” McLaughlin said.

Safety Services also frequently provide students with escorts when they have to walk around campus at night said McLaughlin.
“If they’re not comfortable walking out to their car, especially at this time of year when it gets dark early, they can absolutely give us a call and we’ll provide escorts. We’re happy to do that,” he said.

McLaughlin wants commuter students to know that all of the services available to residential students are available to them as well.

“We appreciate our commuters here. If you live closely to the university that’s a plus,” McLaughlin said.

Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.