AU to host poetry workshop


Kaitlyn Moore

Rachel Ramsey

Ashland University is set to host a poetry workshop on Nov. 18 in the Schar Education building.
The workshop starts at 9 a.m. with check-ins and refreshments and it will end at 5 p.m. with an open-mic event in the Ronk Lecture Hall.

The workshop will feature author and poet, Charlene Fix and Ashland Poetry Press director and editor, Deborah Fleming.

Charlene Fix is a professor at the Columbus College of Art and Design and is also a poet and author of various poetries including “Frankensteins Flowers” and “Flowering Bruno: a Dography.”

Senior Kylie Brzycki talks about why she is excited to attend the workshop.

“I’m really excited to go to the workshop,” Brzycki said. “I want to broaden my knowledge of the different types of poetry and see what it has to offer for students.”

Along with the activities, Fix and Fleming will have a question and answer session with students and faculty about poetry, and will give feedback to people who are involved in the workshop.

Administrative director to Ashland University’s Master of Fine Arts in the creative writing program, Cassandra Brown, discusses what the day is about for those interested and what it can bring to those who have the same aspirations as Fix and Flemming.

“The main goal and purpose of the workshop is just to gather poets together to talk craft,” Brown said. “Basically it’s a public outreach effort.”

Brown also says there is another workshop that’ll happen later in the spring which will feature poet, Daneen Wardrop.

“We’re planning a larger workshop in the spring which will feature one of our recent Ashland Poetry Press poets, Daneen Wardrop,” Brown said. “Her book ‘Life As It’ won our annual Snyder Prize contest and went on to win a major indie press award, the gold Independent Publisher Book Award in poetry.”

Students and faculty will socialize with Fix, Flemming and others along with participating in the featured open-mic workshop which is hosted by Fix and Flemming.

Registration is $25 and is due on Nov. 13, as space for the event is limited.

The workshop is an all-day event and is open to any poets in the Ashland area who want to connect with others with the same interests in poetry.

Anyone who is interested in attending or wants more information about the event or the featured poets can visit

You can also contact Cassandra Brown at 419-289-5098 or email her at [email protected]