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Theatre department performs “The Trojan Women”

Ricardo Loera

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The theater department will be performing the play “The Trojan Women” for those in the Ashland area from Nov. 8-12 in the Studio Theatre, across from the Hugo Young Theatre.

The play gives insight on how women reacted to and what they did after the Trojan War. While the result of the war is already known, there are things that are not seen as much or brought to light, and this play goes into detail on how the women reacted after they lost their husbands, sons, brothers or fathers. Robert Parker, an assistant professor of theatre and director of this play, was able to explain why this play was picked.

“The fact is has been a very long time since we have done a ancient greek play…things that are going on in society today with the war still going on and the way women are treated in society,” Parker said. “It is an anti war play…one of the main themes besides the patriarchy that happens to women in general. I think it’s a women’s rights play and I think it’s an anti war play.”

Picking the cast was one of the challenges Parker faced when directing this play. What he was looking for from each cast member was if they looked the part and if they held “power and emotion”. If they had the emotion when they speak their lines then the audience can really feel the connection to the characters.

One of the female lead roles, Gabriella Carr, was able to expand on her role and the importance of the play.

“I play Andromache, who is the wife of Hector, and I am protecting myself and my family against the Greek Army who had just overrun Troy,” Carr said.

Carr talks about how there are things people do not see after war conflicts, but this play follows the lives of women in Troy and how they have to adjust to their new lives under a new king and how they can protect their families from harm from abusive soldiers.

While the women are the main focus, the men still have role in the play giving their insight on what is occurring after the Trojan war . For freshman William Taylor said he will be a part of his first play as he takes on the role of King Menelaso of Sparta.

King Menelaso leads Sparta to war with Troy because his wife Helen left him for one of the princes, causing an eventual conflict between Sparta and its allies against Troy.

“King Menelaso is a guy who loves his wife and is always willing to fight for her, but when it comes to confronting her about things he is hesitant,” Taylor said. “This play really gives you an opportunity to see the effects war has on the citizens and the viewpoints on women when they lose a loved one.”

The play can be seen from Nov. 8-11 at 7:30 p.m. and Nov. 12 at 2 p.m. in the Studio Theatre located next to Hugo Young Theatre.

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