Local Eats: Fiesta Charra offers multitude of menu options

Chris: Hola mis amigos y bienvenidos a un edicion especial de “Comidas Locales.” Esta semana, dicidimos visitar un restaurante muy popular con los estudiantes en la Universidad de Ashland: Fiesta Charra.

Halee: Uhh Chris, you’re speaking Spanish. We speak English here.

Melanie: So, for the English-speaking audience, this week’s eats took place at Fiesta Charra, because who doesn’t love Mexican food?

Halee: I’m going to assume that 99 percent of campus has made a trip to Walmart already this year. So if you’re wondering where Fiesta Charra is, it is the colorful building on your left when you’re heading towards Walmart. For the people who have seen the movie Bridesmaids, I know what you’re thinking: Is this place safe to eat at? Am I going to get food poisoning? I promise you that everything will be okay.

Elizabeth: Originally we were going to go to an Italian restaurant, but when we all met to go to dinner I decided I wanted Mexican instead so I threw the option out there. Great life decision. I’ve been craving Fiesta for weeks now!

Chris: As always, I’ve been craving Mexican since the last time I ate it. In my opinion, there is no better cuisine. Just ask Elizabeth, who nearly witnessed my death as I bit into a fresh tamale last year on the Riverwalk during our trip to San Antonio for the women’s basketball national championship run.

Elizabeth: That was quite possibly one of the funniest Chris Bils moments I’ve ever witnessed. I’ve never seen anyone be so excited over food before. This trip to get Mexican was no different than the last. I asked what everyone was going to get, and Chris made it very clear that he had to look over the entire menu closely to make the right decision. I think Halee and I about murdered him because we were so hungry, we just wanted some food!

Melanie: Because I previously had dinner, I went with a chicken quesadilla and an order of queso dip for the whole table. It may have been the best decision I made all day. The queso dip had just the right amount of cheese and just the right amount of kick. The quesadilla was also rightly proportioned was delicious. The only thing we didn’t have enough of was chips.

Halee: Today was one of those days where I felt like my stomach was eating itself, I was so hungry. Unfortunately, when I had ordered my food I forgot to say that I wanted sides along with my main dish. I ordered a chicken enchilada and that is all I got on my plate. Thank goodness Melanie had ordered queso dip and let me finish the rest of her quesadilla because I was still hungry!

Elizabeth: I ended up getting a beef burrito and a hard chicken taco with rice and beans. Perfection. I poured a little queso over my burrito and dug in. I ate so many nachos with queso previous to getting my meal that I ended up with a to go box, which is perfectly fine with me. I’m a huge fan of leftovers.

Chris: Navigating the menu at a Mexican restaurant is one of the most stressful tasks that I willingly submit myself to. Every menu is different, and I’ll be darned if I overlook the dish of my dreams because I wasn’t thorough enough. This is serious, people! Luckily for the gang, I’ve been here before and it did not take me too long to sort through everything (though Elizabeth and Halee may disagree).

Elizabeth: We do.

Halee: Hungry girls aren’t happy girls, so thank goodness Chris made up his mind quickly.

Chris: As I was saying, I finally chose to order the “Wet Burrito,” which is Spanish for “extremely large burrito stuffed with beef, chicken, jalapenos and other spices soaked in extraordinary delicious sauce/cheese goodnessness (and yes, I know there was an extra “ness” in goodness. Deal with it).” And I ordered it despite the fact that I know Fiesta Charra serves the best tamale I’ve ever eaten in the Midwest. Why, you ask? Because now I can tell you that not only are their tamales to die for, but they serve a mean “Wet Burrito” as well. You’re welcome.

Melanie: Mexican is almost always delicious. So I suggest skipping the Taco Bell run next time and get REAL mexican at Fiesta. Almost every item on their menu is delicious and will leave you full, happy, and maybe with a little more appreciation for the Mexican culture.