Eagle’s Nest Tapingo app a success


The Tapingo app allows students to order Tuffy's, Eagle's Nest and Eagle's Nest Cafe from their phone or computer.

Teresa Williams

Exciting changes are being implemented for the dining experience of students this year.  Students have the opportunity to order food from the Eagles’ Nest with a new app called Tapingo.  This app will help reduce wait time in lines, which will provide greater convenience for students.  

To download the Tapingo app, students can search for it in the App Store or Google Play on their phones.  They could also sign up at the website www.tapingo.com.  After following the initial steps of developing an account, individuals can log on and place their order.  The first step involves selecting different items on the menu and specifying certain preferences such as type of bread, cheese, side dishes, or toppings.  Currently, the menu consists of many popular items encompassing sandwiches, burgers, wraps, subs, pizzas, and side dishes.  Numerous entrée combos are also available including the chicken tender or sandwich combos.  

After selecting an item, the total amount of money for the order appears on the screen and enables students to maximize their meal swipes.  The app also indicates the estimated wait time and the store hours for each day of the week.  

The next step involves selecting a payment method.  In addition to a credit card, students will have the option of paying with their Eagle Card.  Specifically, they could use meal swipes, eagle dollars, or a combination of both.  After placing an order, students will receive a confirmation number along with the wait time, which is typically ten to fifteen minutes.  All orders can be picked up at the Pick-Up window in the Eagles’ Nest.  

Overall, Tapingo will help students order and receive their meal in an easier and quicker manner than in the past. 

“It frees up time standing at the registers waiting,” said Doug Reynolds, Eagles’ Nest manager. 

Reynolds also indicated that he has received positive feedback from the system and the student response remains high.  When it was first implemented, they reached 100 orders on two consecutive days.  

Looking into the future, they are interested in expanding their menu and options available.  They may also conduct promos, giveaways, or other sales incentives that will encourage the use of the app.