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Ashland University class of 2022 set to graduate May 7



Seniors will be walking the stage in a few short weeks to receive their degree.

Nick Stupka

Ashland University will be holding its 2022 commencement ceremony on May 7 at the Jack Miller Stadium and there is much to be expected for all graduating seniors.

As the commencement date grows closer, many facets of the university are busier than ever with preparations to finish out the academic year. Ashland University President, Dr. Carlos Campo, took the time to talk about these preparations and what goes on with the institution at this time.

“It’s a very busy time for the institution,” Campo said, “Board meetings are always concomitant with commencement so it’s an especially busy time with our board members here, preparing meetings, documents and events connected to commencement.”

All is well for the institution however, as the preparation is done to give a proper goodbye to graduates.

“We really feel a responsibility to send off the seniors with great events,” Campo continued, “We try to stay connected and it’s our opportunity to say goodbye to students who’ve been here for four years.”

As for the graduation process, it varies greatly from person to person, offering an individualized experience for graduates.

“It’s interesting because we talk a lot about accent on the individual at Ashland a lot and that’s what you’d see at the end of the year,” Campo explained, “Depending on the student, different departments have their own approach to graduation, if you’re a Greek, you have your own year-end celebration, athletes would have a different approach and it’s very individualized.”

On commencement day itself, there are many events to be expected per AU tradition. However, there are many newer events taking place that will occur with COVID-19 mandates slowly lifting.

“We’re going to have a senior day on May 4 which is a fairly new event for Ashland and with COVID, we haven’t done any of those kinds of events,” Campo stated, “And the day of, we have our celebration on campus, we have the luncheon we all partake in, a even a convocation ceremony which is fairly new again. Those are just a few things that come to mind for students to look forward to this year.”

Campo also noted that the lack of a mask mandate will provide a refreshing feeling and sense of community that can be felt during commencement.

Adding to this new and refreshing feeling, AU Board of Trustee and community members Bob and Jane Archer, will be giving the address as opposed to a single person.

“Interestingly we have a couple who will be presenting the commencement address which in of itself is very unusual,” Campo noted, “Bob and Jane Archer are people who have been in our community for decades who have been committed to helping Ashland rise.”

As for what the Archers will be saying in their address, Campo assured that they will bring much to the table, stating, “I’ve talked to them a bit about what they’ll be saying but knowing them, they’ll probably surprise us a bit.”

And to the graduates, Campo himself had this to say, “I’d like to say thank you to the students. I’m proud of this year’s graduating class as they really led with integrity and got us through a very difficult period.”