AU provides summer jobs

Student work available in residence life, financial aid

Katie Harrigan

As the semester comes to a close, some students will continue dedicating their time to AU as a summer worker. The res-life and the financial aid offices offer a variety of opportunities during the summer for students to gain real world experience. Responsibility, communication and time management are some of the many skills a student can gain while engaging in an on-campus job or internship.

The financial aid office employs five to seven students and they work around 13 hours a week. Their primary responsibility is to help families with their financial needs or questions.

Financial aid counselor Jamie Jarvis expressed that student workers assist with problems whether they are big or small. Finances can be difficult, but student workers are trained to help guide others through these stressful moments.

“They[students workers] are instrumental in keeping our work flows going” Jarvis said. “We look for somebody who is comfortable talking on the phone, working with computers and collaborating with others.”

Jarvis added that independent thinking and problem solving are important skills to have when employed at the financial aid office. The rest will be taught to students so they feel confident enough to approach their everyday tasks.

AU Sophomore Allie Burtscher is a current worker for the financial aid office. She pursued this position to gain real world experience while in college.

Burtscher described some of her responsibilities as computer coding, entering new students into online systems, organizing mail and answering phone calls.

“Being able to work with professionals has made me so much more comfortable talking to working adults and more comfortable in interviews,” Burtscher said. She added that her ability to balance time has improved and she has developed a host of new friendships.

Res-life provides opportunities to work as an RA or intern with the department.

Housing coordinator Abby Righter said ideal candidates for these positions are responsible and possess the qualities of a leader. No specific res-life experience is required but it can be a benefit.

Summer interns work 35 hours a week and summer RAs work on a 24 hour on-call rotation. Housing is provided for res-life employees in the summer as they need to be easily available.

“RAs are trusted with access to student keys and sensitive information, so we ask that our workers be responsible and respectful of confidentiality,” Righter said. She added that RAs ensure a safe and secure living experience for those residing on campus.

Righter expressed that RA’s gain professional development, community engagement skills, crisis response and management experience. These attributes will be transferable to any career path a student chooses.
Res-life interns are exposed to more office work and participate in tasks such as submitting work orders, coordinating with RAs, helping with room changes and overseeing the apartment lottery on campus.

“Experience with customer service is beneficial along with the ability to be autonomous in tasks,” Righter said. “Enhanced responsibility and good communication skills are really what we look for.”

AU Senior Summer Metcalf has interned with res-life for three years. She describes her position as being a bridge between RAs and professional staff.

“I get to work with other departments on campus like the business office if something’s wrong with a student bill,” Metcalf said. “I work with the other student affairs offices, the health center, and I get to make connections across campus.”

Metcalf’s position has allowed her to build her resume while immersing in a supportive environment.

“While working with res-life you meet people from all different walks of life,” Metcalf said. “It’s really eye opening, gives you compassion and makes you appreciate all lifestyles since students come from everywhere to attend school here.”

Students of all majors are welcome to apply for positions with res-life or financial aid. Openings can be found on