The College of Democrats and Sports Business Club

The College of Democrats

John Miller – Vice President

The Ashland University College Democrats are dedicated to sharing the ideals of the Democratic Party across campus and working to support Democratic principles and policies. We pride ourselves on supporting good candidates and initiatives that represent our beliefs. Personally, I enjoy the discussions that we have. Our members come in with differing viewpoints sometimes, and it’s always fascinating to hear them talk about their ideas and opinions. There is also always something to talk about.
Our members are very skilled at digging deep into new sources and coming up with topics that allow participants to critically think about the world around them. You always walk away feeling more informed. The work of College Democrats is important because it gives a platform for students to speak out and exercise their activism in a productive manner. It also provides opportunities for our members to connect with other Democrats, working alongside each other on the issues that matter.
It’s not just their fellow Ashland students either- our members can work with other Democrats across Ohio and even the country. Other important events we hold are debates with other political clubs on campus, as well as partially assisting with Freedom Ball and having Democratic figures speak with us. A popular event is the “Political Roast Night”, where our members have a roast of major politicians. It’s great for morale and a reminder not to be overly dour with what we do!
At the end of the day, College Democrats hope that its members get out of the time spent with us a sense of understanding what we do,
and methods to be a leader in their

For more information about the club, contact John Miller.


Sports Business Club

Brian Lippiatt

The Sport Business Club (SBC) at Ashland University, beginning its distinction as a club in 2010, has held its purpose to be the leader in affording opportunities to its member students by creating a path that showcases the sport industry. Sport business club means so much more than just something that is put on a resume. It allows students to gain knowledge and experience, more so than what they can get in the classroom.
Sport business club allows for students to go and see real sports activities and events that extend to outside of the classroom. Which is one of the many benefits of joining the club. The three main goals of sport business club include:
1. To enhance cultural, intellectual, social and recreational aspects of Sport Management students at Ashland University.
2. To facilitate communication between various professional organizations for future benefit.
3. To sponsor programs to benefit Sport Management students and the Ashland University student body.
The opportunities presented to students within the Sport Business Club include guest speakers, on-campus events, career fairs and sport organization conferences. Some examples of these conferences include: National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA), Ohio Recreation Sports Association (ORSA) and North American Society of Sport Management (NASSM). Furthermore, the Ashland University Sport Business Club has had the privilege to work last year’s super bowl in Tampa Bay, Florida, and will be going to Los Angeles, California for this year’s super bowl.
One of the most important things that the Ashland University Sport Business Club does is its philanthropy events. The club hosts both a dodgeball and kickball game at the end of each semester that allows students to play and have a good time.
Through this event the Sport Business Club collects canned goods, and money for the Associated Charities of Ashland.

For more information about how to get involved, contact Brian Lippiatt Jr. at [email protected]