Ready, Set, Registrar!

Registrar’s advice on registering for classes in fall ’22

Katelyn Meeks

​​At the beginning of the semester, rumors were circling that  the Ashland University campus Registrar’s Office was having major issues in adding and dropping classes because of a new software, most rumors, this was not the case at all.
“Student Planner is a new bit of software that plugs into our student information system, which is Colleague, and it’s designed to be student-friendly and facing that would give a student the information they need in where they are in their degree,” said Mark Britton, current the head of the Registrar’s Office.
The new software has helped in numerous ways for the Registrar Office and for students in accessibility, setting up the four year plan, moving classes around, course numbers, and seeing grades.
According to Britton, there were only a few problems in adding or dropping classes from the Registrar’s Office end.
“There were some problems in the program, but as any new program kind of worked the kinks out, and I think a fair amount it was, in regards to the times students had available to registar,” Britton said.
He also mentioned that students might have accidentally registered before they were supposed to which could have also caused problems in the system.
With registration right around the corner, students might be potentially concerned whether registration will go smoothly or not.
According to Britton, it will make a lot more sense to the students and be an easier, much smoother process because the students have more capability in selecting the courses and can enroll in these courses instanously.
Britton also offered some helpful advice in registering for classes in the fall.
“Definitely, meet with their advisor, talk with their advisor, and to make sure what they are planning on taking is what they need because there is nothing worse than taking courses than realizing I didn’t need that course,” said Britton.
Some other advice he gave was to know what classes are offered for your major, be flexible in scheduling, and have back-up classes in case one fills up fast.
Britton also did mention the Registrar’s Office has been more effective in communicating information with the Student Senate, email, and across several social media platforms on different dates and times for class registration or graduation information.

Listed below are the days of Registration for statuses:

March 21: Senior registration
March 24: Junior registration
March 28: Sophomore registration
March 31: Freshman registration


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