LETTER FROM THE EDITOR: A Spring semester like no other

Zoe Bogarty, News Editor

Spring semester is the semester where everyone comes back from winter break, refreshed and ready to take on whatever challenges the new year brings. Or so I’ve heard time and time again. Truthfully, spring semester has been exhausting every day of the week, and it’s only been four weeks since we’ve started.

The nights are shorter, the days are colder, and the weekend ends in the blink of an eye. This being my first spring semester on campus, I would say I expected more or at least for it to be the same as when I took classes at home a year ago, but that would be a lie. I firmly believe in expecting the unexpected, and this semester has been all of that and more. More covid policies, more homework, more snow, and more reasons to just forget it all and sleep.

But I would be lying if I said that I’m not happy, these four weeks haven’t been treating me better than the fall semester. Fall semester I was trying to find my groove, this semester I’ve found my groove and learned how to maintain it, or at least fake it till I make it to see spring break. I have an amazing group of friends to thank for that.

Not once has it crossed my mind that maybe I should’ve stayed home again this semester as I did before. Because if I had stayed home again what would I have done without these amazing people or the wonderful organizations I’ve joined. Plus I’d rather not go back to bagging groceries for an entire semester at my job back home, though I do appreciate the paychecks.

Overall, while yes spring semester has made its efforts to kick my butt personally, I always come back fighting. Whatever it takes.