An event coming to campus: Is there free speech on social media?

Brayden Creveling, Reporter

On Dec. 3, Sohrab Ahmari will be visiting Ashland University to talk about your freedom of speech on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. He will also talk about policing disinformation being posted and limited freedom of speech that individuals should have on these platforms.

Ahmari is an editor for the New York Post, a contributing editor for Catholid Herald, and a columnist for First Things. He used to serve as a columnist and editor on the Wall Street Journal’s opinion page in New York and London.

Sohrab Ahmari will also be releasing his 4th book The Unbroken Thread: Discovering The Wisdom of Tradition in an Age of Chaos in May of 2021.

Dr. Robert Wyllie, assistant professor of political science and director of the political economy program, was the person to get Ahmari to come speak at Ashland University. “Ahmari went on television defending a piece written about social media platforms being allowed to control what is or what is not posted on their site,” Wyllie said.

Ahmari seemed like the best choice for Dr. Robert Wyllie when choosing a speaker for a lecture about disinformation being posted on social media.

“This is part of a symposium against indifference, and this year’s theme is misinformation…the topic of this discussion is free speech on social media,” Wyllie said. “I think everyone is aware of the way that misinformation is spread on social media on twitter or facebook, sometimes by politicians or sometimes by journalists or by private citizens…there is a concern about what are your free speech rights when posting on social media.”

Sohrab, a man who believes in the freedoms of the private citizens, will be at AU to talk about what social media sites will allow to stay on their site and not allow while getting in depth more about how much freedom you have when you get on twitter, facebook, and other social media.

The Ashbrook Center will be co-sponsoring the event happening on Dec. 3rd. The lecture is going to start at 7p.m. and will be in the Hawkins-Conard Student Center Auditorium.