Student side-hustles at AU

A great gift for the holidays

Nicholas Stupka, Reporter

While on campus, Ashland University students find various ways to make some extra cash. Some obtain an on-campus job, some find a position off-campus, but some students get creative and use their talents to form their own business. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, some of these self-employed students may have the perfect stocking stuffer for those in need of a gift.

The pottery wheel whirs, the unmolded clay is taking shape and Joellen Artz, a senior Art Education Major, is working on another piece for sale in j.mae clay; A business Artz created from scratch to show and sell her products.

“I sell pottery: Mainly mugs and bowls right now,” Artz explained, “I’ve been selling my mugs at Vines Bakery here in Ashland for a little over a year. My other sales have been from fundraisers and specific commissions when people reach out to me with a product they have in mind! I am working on some commissioned urns and mugs now.”

Curious as to where the idea of pottery came into shape, we asked Artz where she got inspiration to start such a unique business.

“A woman named Carli Moorefield was the first person who inspired my love for pottery,” Artz described, “I took one of her wheel throwing classes at Wayne Center for the Arts in Wooster and became determined to be able to make my own functional ware as many potters were doing around me. There are a handful of people I know personally and follow on social media that successfully sell their work through Etsy and other online stores, which is what I hope to be doing someday in the future.”

Artz is also seeing an increase in business this holiday season as she stated, “I have received more commissions this Christmas season than any before. I would definitely recommend handmade pottery as a gift to others. Most people use mugs, bowls, or other servingware daily. I find it special to have a collection of handmade mugs to choose from to use myself and to share with others. It is also important to support small businesses, and this is one way to do so.”

To reach out with inquiries for Artz, visit @jmae.clay on Instagram.

Another student trying their hand at selling goods is Amaya Copeland, a sophomore Art Education Major, who is currently selling for Perfectly Posh: A brand of skin care products.

“Perfectly Posh Products are naturally based, cruelty free, made in the USA skin care products,” Copeland said, “They consist of face wash, soaps and more.”
Copeland described how she got into Perfectly Posh from a coworker and started selling for the brand as a side job to help pay for college. While doing so, Copeland also recommended starting a side-hustle to other students stating, “You earn money selling products and you’re able to set your own schedule around classes, more time around summer or even less to focus on classes and sports. Once you sign up to sell, you’ll get your own website too making it easier to give your information to sell to people.”

Just like Artz, Copeland also expects to see an increase in sales for this holiday season.

“I do expect sales to increase this holiday because these are great gifts for family and friends,” Copeland said, “I use them myself and have replaced a lot of name brand products because I’ve seen better results in my skin then the name brand ones. Perfectly Posh also sends out seasonal items and I personally have already bought a few Perfectly Posh Products for Christmas presents this year.”

To reach out with inquiries with Copeland, visit

The students of Ashland University find ways to maintain stability on campus by using their creativity to help secure themselves financially. During the holiday season, these young entrepreneurs and business owners truly make themselves known.