Where are you from?

Writing and Communication Center holds poem contest

Mackenzie Pflum, Reporter

Calling all writers… and non-writers! The Writing and Communication Center (WCC) is currently holding a contest for Ashland University students from any department. This contest is all about voicing what you are thankful for.
The “Where I’m From” contest asks students to write a poem thinking back to their childhood and reflect on specific traditions that still hold significance today.
For example, maybe a family member or friend has helped shape you as a person and you’re thankful for them. Or, a food you make every year for Thanksgiving that brings you back to your youth. Any tradition or pastime that brings light to the present.
Interim Director of the Writing and Communication Center, Mohsine Bensaid, believes this is a great way for students to destress and have a little fun while giving thanks.
“As an instructor, I can see how stressed students are and how deeply affected they are by so many things. We think of this event more of an opportunity, not really a contest. A therapeutic opportunity to just pause and reflect on what and whom we are thankful for. The theme of where we are from, Kinda takes us on a journey of reflection, and connects us to our roots, our family and traditions,” Bensaid said
Three winners will be chosen by members of the WCC and they’ll be judging poems based upon creativity and depth of the poems submitted. Length is not a factor in judging. Finalists will receive prizes for their efforts and talents shown in their writing.
Bensaid encourages students to take a chance and tell the WCC what they’re thankful for. “I feel like everyone is so close to giving up. Everyone is so stressed, so anxious, we just want to let students know we are here to support them through their journey. As an AU family we should care for one another. This opportunity gives us a chance to pause and just reflect on the things we have and what we are thankful for,” he said.
With Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner, Bensaid trusts that this is the perfect time to hold this contest.
Poems will be due to the writing center on Dec. 5. Students can submit their poems to the WCC by sharing a Google Doc with their completed work to [email protected]