JDM Department prepares for a successful election night

Katie Foster, AU-Live Managing Editor

All of the JDM students have been busy bees as the Election 2021 show is underway. WRDL, AUTV20, AU-Live and The Collegian members have been working hard this evening to bring the community a show to keep updated on county election races and updates on the town of Ashland.

Anchors for tonight’s show, Lydia Bice and Evan Laux, have been preparing for weeks and are excited for their debut.

“I am definitely nervous because this is my first live experience here, but me and Lydia have practiced a lot and I think we are ready to go,” Laux said.

Nick Stupka, program director of WRDL, has been and will continue to air the live show for audio listeners. “We open the hour with a quick read, after that we cut straight to what’s going on with AUTV20 and AU-Live, at the end of the hour we are hopefully going to be doing a live read of some of the poll results of the election,” Stupka said.

Gracie Wilson and staff have been working diligently on creating content for AU-Live. Many stories have been generated throughout the evening, covering many aspects of the college and Ashland city.

“Tonight we are making sure that we have fresh up to the minute coverage of everything that is happening in the JDM department and around the community,” Wilson said.

For more stories and updates on the 2021 Election show, search AU-live.com.