Light it up!

More lights currently under construction for a brighter campus

Zoe Bogarty, News Editor

Renovations continue around campus as more lighting fixtures are added around the hammock station, parking lots, and the senior apartments.

Following the recent makeover to Clayton Hall, the addition of the cadaver lab, the addition of the swing set in the quad, the hammock station, and the restoration of the roof of Clark Hall and the library; Patrick Ewing, vice president of operations and planning, has initiated his plan for increasing the lighting around campus to create a safer environment for students.

“At this point, there’s not a lot [of renovations] that are currently active,” said Ewing. “We’re doing some carpet replacement in the financial aid office, the lights are an ongoing improvement project, and we have done a little bit of asphalt work here and there. Most of what we’re doing now is small maintenance stuff. We don’t have any full-blown renovation projects in progress right now. It’s hard to work those in when students are back and active.”

The new light poles can be seen around all three senior apartments, around the hammock station on the brick patio, and spread around parking lot B, behind the apartments.

“It’s nice that it’s not super dark around the basketball courts in front of Kilhefner,” said Cara McKeown, a second-year social work student. “It feels a bit safer when I have to walk around at night.”

Many of these renovations are a result of donations and various funds that make these improvements and additions possible. Over the next two years, , there will be more renovations around campus, starting next summer with continued renovations to Clayton Hall.

“We have a representative from the student senate, Ann Torkelson is her name, who is the student senate representative to my finance and facilities committee of the board,” said Ewing. “We’re constantly looking for input, and [getting] their thoughts on how we are going to renovate. All of that is very important to how we proceed with things.”

One of the many new lights seen outside of the senior apartments. (ZOE BOGARTY)