Charles River labs offer opportunities for growth

Aliyah Sheppard, Multimedia Editor

Charles River Laboratories do preclinical and clinical testing for potential new medications.
“There are 90 different sites around the world,” Formulations employee Cillian Donahue said. “Ashland being one of the biggest!”
The laboratory offers many job positions, from entry level jobs to potential careers that require a doctorate degree.
“Positions can range from helping take care of animals, to helping formulate drugs for testing, to helping administer test materials, to writing protocols or instruction for studies,” Donahue said.
There are jobs that do not require background knowledge of science, such as Human Resources (HR), Marketing and Information Technology (IT)
“I’ve worked on formulations for a year and a half,” Donahue continued. “My job is taking the material we are testing and turning it into a liquid, capsule, dermal and IVs.”
For employees looking for a job with good benefits, Charles River offers paid vacation and sick time, full health insurance benefits, fully paid maternity and paternity leave and adoption assistance.
“Charles River has really competitive benefits,” Donahue added. “It’s one of the great perks of working for a big company!”
Another thing Charles River Laboratories offers to its employees is different experiences with new equipment and becoming familiar with the lab setting.
“I really love being in the lab and all the lab experience I have gained. It’s taught me a lot about lab equipment and gaining confidence in the lab,” Donahue recalled.
Charles River laboratory also offers continuous growth opportunities within each department.
“In my department alone, there are so many different positions,” Donahue said. “It is exciting to see all the opportunities for you and room for growth.” You will be able to develop your lab skills and understanding of the different equipment, meanwhile you and others in your department work together to further progress in the lab.
Employees are also around peers from all walks of life.
“My lab has people ages 21-65 working in it.” said Donahue.
Having coworkers from different age groups can help further understand with everyone having their own knowledge and experience. A recent college graduate can learn a lot from someone who has been working in the lab for ten years.
“It has exposed me to a lot of new people that I love,” Donahue concluded.

Charles River Laboratories greenhouse provides the most “growth” to its employees. (ZOE BOGARTY)