PREVIEW: “Talk the Vote” giving a voice to the people of Ashland

Nicholas Stupka, Reporter

AU-Live will be attending Ashland City’s “Talk the Vote” event at 6 P.M. Wednesday, Oct. 13 at Uniontown Brewing Co. to hear what the people of Ashland want to see from city council and school board candidates.

The event, held by Ashland Source, provides the people a means of saying what issues they’d like to see resolved from their candidates as well as giving them a platform to speak to the public.

Dillon Carr, a Staff Reporter of Ashland Source, went into depth about the reasoning behind the event stating, “Candidates do a lot of talking during a run for an election and that’s okay because they’re gifted speakers. But this event is for the voter; The resident, the everyday citizen living in Ashland. We want to hear from you.”

Talk the Vote itself is an hour long and is divided into two parts: A series of questions and answers and the drafting of a citizen’s agenda.

“I’ll be asking [the attendees] what candidates should be talking about when they’re trying to gain your vote,” Carr explained, “What do [the attendees] hope they talk about and what do you hope they look into or tackle if or when they are elected.”

The citizen’s agenda will be composed of all the aforementioned ideas and will be distributed to elected officials.

“We’re going to be taking notes and putting it all into a document,” Carr elaborated, “We’re going to say here’s what people care about and want you to look into as our new city council member or new school board member.”

Talk the Vote will be held at Uniontown Brewing Co. from 6 P.M. to 7 P.M on Oct. 13 and Oct. 14. The event is free and open to the public with tickets available at