Women of Excellence Back in Action at AU


Women of Excellence, formerly known as Sisters in Action, is a group that has been brought back to the Ashland University campus this fall, where women can come together to talk about issues within the community, especially regarding women’s health and well being.   

Zoe Bogarty, the Vice President of Women of Excellence and a Digital Media Journalism major, described the group as a safe space for everyone to come together and be an advocate or a spokesperson for those who are afraid to speak up. 

“I came from a small all-girls school, so I am big on the power of femininity,” said Bogarty. “We had a group similar to WOE called Females Achieving Minority Excellence (FAME) so being able to be involved in a group similar to that makes me feel like I am back home and with a group of sisters, that I can talk to about anything.”

Since Women of Excellence is being restarted this year, the group is small in numbers. However, they are still making a large impact, including an upcoming Women’s Health Day. 

“We are planning to do a campus wide Women’s Health Day where we post about women’s health around campus and talk about it in our meeting,” said Ty Young, the President of Women of Excellence and an English, Creative Writing and Psychology triple major. “We also are planning to add pads, tampons and other things into women’s and men’s bathrooms around campus.”

Women of Excellence is geared towards women of color, but anyone is welcome to join. 

“We do not turn anyone away, we would like to reach as many women as possible in order to keep the organization up and running for the future,” said Young. 

“Women of excellence is an organization mainly targeted toward women of color but anyone can join, all are welcome,” said Bogarty. “To join email our president, Ty Young, and she will send you an invite to Engage. Our first meeting will be Tuesday October 5th, from 7-9 in Eagles Landing.”

There will be many more events and opportunities to get involved with Women of Excellence this semester, with all being enlightening and empowering.

“I want the AU community to know that WOE is a safe place and no matter what

you look like, you are always welcome,” said Bogarty. “All the events we have planned for this

year will be both informative and spectacular.”