“Watchers of the Skies” podcast promotes civil dialogue

Nick Stupka

Perceptive individuals may be intrigued by a new podcast hosted by Ashland University President, Dr. Carlos Campo. The podcast, titled “Watchers of the Skies,” aired its first episode on Sept. 10 through the Journalism and Digital Media Department’s television studio, AUTV-20 and various other streaming platforms.

“We’ve gotten very good, positive feedback,” Dr. Campo said. “And it’s good to realize what limitations there are to work through.” 

While good feedback is promising, members of the community may not be aware of what the podcast is or what purpose it serves. An inspiration behind the podcast will help to do so.

“The title itself comes from a John Keats poem,” Dr. Campo explained. “Where he expresses the wonder of reading Homer in a new translation. It’s like a watcher of the skies seeing a new planet come into his kin.”

In the case of the podcast though, Dr. Campo finishes stating, “The skies are contemporary culture and we are the watchers.”

Contemporary culture and civil discussions are the main focus of “Watchers of the Skies,” with an examination of a subject being seen from several perspectives.

“Conversations nationally have become so uncivil that it’s difficult to ease out reasonable thoughts,” Dr. Campo continued. “There is passion, but we won’t let it spill out. We will use civil discussion to counterbalance it, using an ethos of looking at all sides and settled truths.”

The podcast also serves as a way to connect with the Ashland University community with various faculty appearing as guest speakers and students in the near future doing the same.

“We take the time to promote different areas on campus,” Dr. Campo said. “There is a regular feature of faculty: Dr. Chris Chartier will hopefully discuss his past works and Dr. Judy Alston might also come on to discuss Critical Race Theory.”

Dr. Campo isn’t alone in the podcast’s production however, as he shares a long-time bond with his co-host: Renowned chess player Dennis Monokroussos. The accompaniment of Monokroussos adds a degree of effectiveness and productivity to discussion with him stating, “I’ve known him for a long time. Things have been very good and we both have something to contribute. Part of Dr. Campo’s career is being a host of sorts and hopefully I can poke and prod a bit as well as offer ideas not thought of.”

In turn, Dr. Campo states, “He provides an interesting foil. He has a very deadpan humor approach, is very comfortable and provides a lens of Philosophy and Religion while I provide the Arts. He will challenge me and help to navigate topics more in-depth.”

Above all, Dr. Campo and  Monokroussos hope that the podcast provides further engagement for the student body.

“If you’re interested in AU politics or student politics and social issues, listen to us,” Monokroussos suggested. “You may agree or disagree, but that’s good as it provides motivation to do something. Something to think about for us and for you.”

“Watchers of the Skies” podcast can be found streaming on platforms such as Spotify, PlayerFM and Anchor. (RETRIEVED FROM: SPOTIFY)