BSA and Colorful Ashland set to promote diversity on AU campus

Brenna Mock, Reporter

This semester, many student groups have heavily and actively highlighted the diversity across campus. 

Black Student Alliance and Colorful Ashland are two of the organizations Ashland University has to offer that have been organizing events to show diversity. Black Student Alliance is a club offered to students of Ashland University exclusively.  

“The main goal (of BSA) is to create a safe place on campus for African-American students while also creating a sense of diversity among campus, allowing others to come into the organization and show their support for us,” said president of Black Student Alliance Ty Young.

Young is the newest president of Black Student Alliance and has already set a foundation for programs for the semester. 

Some of the events that are upcoming are a Hispanic Heritage Month celebration with UNIDAD, a club on campus that represents the Hispanic culture across campus, a Cider and Paint program, and a Chipotle fundraiser. Black Student Alliance also recently held a BSA Back in Black kickback event which was a success. 

“My favorite thing about being involved in BSA is the community on campus that I am able to build and admire among new and old students. Being able to create programs and events that I know will appeal to students like me will be able to enjoy and feel comfortable while enjoying those events,” said Young. 

Black Student Alliance meets on Thursdays for a S’mores Talk, with the next one being on October 8th from 8-10 p.m.

Not only does Black Student Alliance advocate for minority students, but Colorful Ashland does as well. Colorful Ashland is not student based, but many of the students involved in Black Student Alliance, like vice president of Black Student Alliance Juliet Touma, are involved with it.

According to the website, Colorful Ashland’s goal is “working to make Ashland safer, smarter, and fairer.” 

The more extensive goal, listed on the group’s Facebook page, is “to understand and share the way race impacts life in Ashland County in the areas of education, religion, criminal justice, health, mental health, housing, employment, and business and to advocate for liberty and justice for all.” 

The two organizations began to converge last year under the previous president of Black Student Alliance, but the connection has stayed strong and is only growing stronger since. 

“I think making a place more welcoming and accepting of all is the best thing I could do,” said Touma, talking about getting involved with both of the organizations.

One of the most recent efforts Colorful Ashland has made was a proposal to the City Council of Ashland, “condemning racism and promoting diversity and inclusion in our city.” 

In the proposal, Colorful Ashland asked the City Council of Ashland to denounce hate groups, support small, minority-owned businesses, and to embrace the diversity the city has to offer by reaching out to minority families and groups. Colorful Ashland also asked the City Council of Ashland to address extensive and better training of law enforcement in the wake of police brutality. 

According to Young, the two organizations have been discussing possible converged events starting in the wake of next semester. Possible converged events will have to do with community service and the overall theme of community. 

To stay updated on future events, you can follow Black Student Alliance on Instagram @aublackstudentalliance and Colorful Ashland at the Facebook page, or at their website,