Katie Foster, AU-Live Managing Editor

The best season of the year is upon us; Fall. The air gets colder, allowing us to bundle up in our favorite sweaters, instead of overheating in the dorms. The leaves start to change into their beautiful orange and yellow colors. Football is back in full swing, filling our weekends by supporting our favorite teams. One should also not forget about the seasonal food and drinks that come along with the season too. Pumpkin and apple flavored goodies I know we are all excited for. 

Katie Foster, AU Live Managing Editor (SUBMITTED BY: KATIE FOSTER)

The Halloween spookiness is here. Haunted houses, corn mazes and scary movies are the most divine part of the season. Pumpkin carving and apple picking are in full effect. Ashland may be a small town, but thankfully we have many events around the area during the fall season to look forward to. My personal favorite is the Blood Prison held at the Ohio Reformatory. If you have yet to go there and like haunted houses, you should go there this year and check it out. 

Fall signifies the ending of the year is quickly approaching. The holidays are getting closer; which means being able to enjoy time with friends and family during school breaks. The joy Thanksgiving and Christmas bring is coming. Although the middle and end of a semester can be stressful with midterms and finals, there seems to be something in the air that makes these unbearable tasks seem easier.  

I hope the beginning of this semester has been going well for everyone, and continues to get better the further we dive into it. Despite COVID-19 regulations, Eagle Nation is together again and we can only hope it stays that way for the rest of the year. Stay safe, have fun and have a great rest of the semester.