College of Arts and Science welcomes new deans

Aliyah Sheppard, Multimedia Editor

At the start of a new semester, there are always new things. New students, new equipment on the campus, and new staff members. Sometimes, it is not always new faculty but new positions for the faculty that are filled. Daniel McDonald, Interim Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and Shawn Orr, Interim Dean of the College of Online and Adult Studies. McDonald and Orr had to step away from their faculty role and focus on the needs of their colleges interest.

Dean McDonald, joined Ashland University in 2006 and served as a professor and a chair for the department of art. McDonald became interim dean after previous dean Dr. Dawn Weber retired. Before coming to Ashland University, he went to Brigham University College and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in French Literature and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in sculpting in 2004. He, then, went to Clemson University and got his Masters Degree in Fine Arts. McDonald took his degrees and went along to work as a French elementary teacher in Oregon and even taught in France at one point. After years of exploring the world, traveling, and having four kids, McDonald came to work at Ashland University. 

“Things will fall into place and I have a great group of folks who work in this office and that have history in it,” said McDonald. 

Dean Orr, joined Ashland University five years ago, originally as Director of faculty services. Later she became director for the Center for Innovation and Teaching Excellence and professional instructor in communication. Orr studied at Bowling Green State University for her masters in communication and her bachelors in Interpersonal and public relations. She has 25 years of high education teaching, she also won the prestigious 2011 Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year Distinguished Teaching Award by the North Central Business Education Association. After Dean Dean Goon left Ashland University, Dean Orr took his position. 

“Let’s look at the future.” Dean Orr said, “What is this college going to be? How will we best serve the needs of the students?”

Currently both Dean McDonald and Dean Orr are interim Deans, meaning they are only temporary Deans. A national search is currently being conducted for the College of Arts and sciences and the College of Education. The College of Communications has yet to start their search for the next Dean.