Political hypocrisy in the wake of an election year

Grace Scarberry, Reporter

Political Hypocrisy is not uncommon. One party spends four-eight years bashing the opposing side, saying the most ridiculous things, which is confronted with a firm rebuttal as to why one should just accept and respect the president in office. 

However, when that second party is elected into office, the tables turn, and suddenly members of the prior party are the ones throwing harsh comments and making negative social media posts. 

For example, the democrats spent four years infuriated by Trump and his actions, which ultimately lay the foundation for the “not my president,” phrase to be spoken and shared nationwide. 

Republicans were highly offended by this and spent a great deal of time holding conversations and Facebook arguments over the positive things President Trump accomplished, and why it is disrespectful to our country to claim he wasn’t your president. 

Not long after the 2020 election, however, many Trump supporters were quick to jump on that train of not supporting the newly elected president. 

The day of the inauguration Facebook was filled with newly uploaded photos and profiles showing an image of President Biden, that read “not my president.” 

Why is it that there is so much political hypocrisy? Although this was a very big election, it happens every time a different party enters into office. 

There are two parties for a reason. It is very obvious that a republican is not likely to support democratic views, and vice versa. 

With that being said, do people not realize that the Facebook fights and slurs aren’t going to change the outcome of an election? 

Each person is entitled to their own opinion and it is going to be very difficult to change their mind, especially when some political issues affect someone morally. 

Therefore, all parties need to learn to accept and respect that the world is full of differing opinions and ideas and arguing like children behind a phone screen is not doing anything to help the country. 

In fact, rather than spending so much time trying to alter someone’s opinion, one should use that time to better their community in a way that supports their political views, rather than tearing others down.