FSL Greek Week returns to campus for festivities


Hannah Witteman

Members of Team Rock, the winning team of Greek Week 2021.

Emmalee Lamolinara

After its cancelation last year, Fraternity and Sorority Life (FSL) hosted their annual Greek Week earlier this month where each chapter went head to head for  a little friendly competition. 

Greek Week festivities began with a clothing drive where each chapter was encouraged to donate different clothing items to charity. Along with the drive, there were also study tables that took place throughout the week to encourage academic participation. 

The Greek Week teams this year consisted of Team Country which was Alpha Delta Pi, Phi Kappa Psi, Theta Phi Alpha, and Kappa Sigma and Team Rock consisting of Alpha Phi, Phi Delta Theta and Delta Zeta. 

This year however, things had to look a little different from Greek Weeks in the past. 

“Greek week this year was a lot different than in previous years. Usually it’s all mainly on Saturday and the whole FSL community comes and celebrates and supports each other in the Rec Center. As we are allowed to watch all of them compete and cheer as well,” Juliet Touma, a member of Delta Zeta said.

Despite the festivities looking different, there were many different events that were able to take place such as kickball, volleyball, basketball, tug of war, obstacle course, pie eating and minute- to- win- it just to name a few. 

“My favorite event was the obstacle course. I had to sprint, put on a life jacket, goggles, and two inner tubes then run the whole way back to base,” said Touma. 

Members of Team Country on the last day of Greek Week. (Hannah Witteman)

Even though this year brought limitations, each chapter was still able to experience the excitement and time to grow the FSL community. 

“Greek week is a way for all of our chapters to come together and have some friendly competition, but still work together as teams,”Abby Lampe, senior and member of Alpha Delta Pi said. “My favorite event will always be Tug of war, I love getting to feel strong with my sisters and being champs for seven years in a row.” 

Greek week is a fun and spirit fueled time here on campus, but the main reason it exist is for the greek community to come together as one. 

“Greek week in essence is truly a celebration of greek excellence,”Touma said..

 With all the guidelines and restrictions that were to take place, members of other chapters were unable to attend the different greek events to cheer on their team or chapter. 

“Although we weren’t all together for all the events, the atmosphere was still really great and a lot of fun,” Lampe said. 

Members of Theta Phi Alpha at the Minute to Win it games. (Hannah Witteman)

While Greek Week looked different for the FSL community this year, as it came to an end each chapter was still able to come together in Greek unity. 

Greek Week winners were announced at the annual FSL Honors awards ceremony on April 18. Team Rock was the winning team with Phi Kappa Psi as the winning fraternity and Theta Phi Alpha as the winning sorority.