Rise Studios opens at new Main Street location


Submitted by: Aubrey Bates

Rise Studios is now open at their Main Street location

Katie Foster, AU-Live Managing Editor

Rise Studios celebrated their official opening with a ribbon cutting on March 25.

“The support of the community, I was kind of blown away by it. After the pandemic especially, to have so many people be able to gather in celebration, it was heartwarming,” Aubrey Bates, owner of Rise Studios, said. 

Rise Studios used to be located right across from Ashland University on Claremont Ave., but relocated to 27 W Main St during the pandemic last year. 

“I was looking for a place to foster community. We moved to really be able to expand and to scale into all of these new services, and be able to house them all under one roof,” Bates said. 

Rise Studios Wellness and Collective now offers many services including yoga, functional fitness, massage therapy, coaching and more, Bates said. 

“Yoga means to unite mind, body and soul. Wellness Collective is a way to balance and harmonize all three of those aspects,” Bates said. 

Rise Studios is a place to become well and healthy and find balance and harmony, Bates said. 

“College students have a new understanding of stress and responsibility and sometimes haven’t been given the tools yet to know what to do with it. We can give techniques and tools to deal with stress,” Bates said. 

For more information on Rise Studios, visit their website: risewellnesscollective.org

“There is really a culture and a lifestyle within yoga that you will get welcomed into,” Bates said.