IMA Accounting Club shares importance of connections for earning a career


LIindsey Crone, IMA President

The AU IMA accounting club hosted an internship panel this fall. The link to view it is

We had four student panelists with a variety of experiences at different companies such as, Cedar Point, JP Morgan, JM Smuckers, Barnes Wendling CPA, State of Ohio Auditor’s Office, and a local tax firm. 

We talked about the process of obtaining an internship from just attending career fairs, or reaching out to companies all the way through the end of the internship. 

Talking about what it was like day to day at the companies, from our favorite to most surprising parts, what we learned from the experience and what we wish we had known at the start is all information that other students can then use when they are looking for internships. 

This is great information not just for accounting and finance majors, or even just business majors, but any students looking for internships.

 While the exact process might be different for different fields of work, the basics can still apply. Networking and getting your name out there is a big point that all the panelists talked about and applies to every major even if you don’t plan to have an internship and jump straight to your career. 

Knowing people and having those connections can open up so many opportunities and is not hard to do with all the technology and different ways to network. Hearing about others experiences in an internship can also help point you in the right direction for which kind of companies and departments would best suit you. 

From our panelist, you get to hear the good and not so enjoyable parts in different types of companies, so when you are searching you know what to ask about and look for. 

Blindly searching for an internship can feel overwhelming but knowing how it was for others especially which pieces of their experience appeal to you and being able to search based on that or ask employers about that at interviews can make the search process much easier. 

At the end we also talked about what we looked for, or plan to look for in future positions as we start to look for positions after graduation. 

Everyone knows to ask about the salary, but there is so much more to consider. The hours, work environment, bonuses, health insurance, retirements, vacation time and any other benefits they offer are just as important if not more than the flat salary that is offered, but students, myself included, don’t always know to ask about all of this or are overwhelmed by it all. 

The IMA is trying to help with that process as well for students. 

We are having another meeting to explain the retirement and other benefits jobs offer after graduation on April 13th.

Emails for that will go out to COBE students through email or can be sent by requesting it on our social media at Ashland IMA on Facebook or @AshlandstudentIMA on Instagram.