South Street Grille now open to the public


Zoe Bogarty

The South Street Grille in Ashland, Ohio is now open.

Zoe Bogarty, News Editor

After a year of hard work and construction, a new restaurant has found its way home in the city of Ashland.

South Street Grille was built to have a little something for everyone. The owner, Sean Little, created the restaurant with the idea in mind that the menu would cater to everyone’s appetites, and the restaurant would become a go-to restaurant instead of a once-a-month eatery.

Sean and his wife, Carly Little, grew up in Ashland and are proud to welcome the new restaurant into their family. 

“It was exciting and prideful, there was really no fear. We were just ready, the process had been over a year when the dream first came to life,” Little said. “There really wasn’t any fear, it was more just, excitement and something we were really proud to bring to this area.”

No more, will there be arguing about where to have Friday night dinners with your friends or family. South Street Grille has been open since December of 2020,  and even during the pandemic the restaurant is thriving and serving the public.

“My first time eating here was a few weeks after they first opened and I try to stop by every now and then. If not for the food, then definitely for the bar,” said an Ashland resident.

“Business has been great, it was a little tentative at first, but honestly every single week it’s gotten busier,” Little said. “We’re meeting people almost daily that still haven’t been here yet and it’s their first time. So literally every week has gotten busier.”

The menu is filled with different options ranging from hand-pattied burgers to sirloins, and even deconstructed Baja tacos. Some of the crowd favorites are the steak bombs, and meat candy appetizer which is pork belly burnt ends.

“I’m a big fan of the burgers more than anything, it’s our own blend that I’ve been working on for a couple of years now,” Little said.

Workers are required to sanitize their hands and disinfect surfaces in between guests as well as wear masks.

An Ashland resident says, “When I first walked in, the smell of everything cooking had me hooked even before I sat down. The staff here are so nice and I definitely recommend the Mary Poppers if you get a chance to go.”

For more information about South Street Grille check out their website and menu: or call (419)496-0735

South Street Grille is located on 121 South Street, Ashland Ohio 44805