Dr. Reed holds recital at Hugo Young Theatre

Wes Seyfang

Dr. Thomas Reed of the Department of Music at  Ashland University will be holding a concert on March 14 at 7:30 P.M.

Dr. Reed, along with teaching at the university, takes part in many professional activities as a musician, with an expertise in playing the saxophone and clarinet.

“I’m a performer, that’s my work as a professional in addition to teaching, I don’t just teach music, I perform music. It’s something I have done my whole career,” Reed said.

“He’s an amazing professor, very knowledgeable when it comes to his craft and what he teaches,” Mathew Long, a student of three years under Reed, said.

Reed will be performing several classical pieces along with fellow musicians Jane Reed who will be playing the violin, and Susan Gregg who will be accompanying them with the piano.

“It’s a classical concert so there will be some music from the baroque era from the early eighteenth century to some recent music from the twenty-first century.” he said.

Though he has been able to have performances for his students since October, Reed has been kept from playing professionally for nearly an entire year due to the circumstances surrounding by COVID-19. Reed’s students are excited for  the chance to witness their instructor perform on Sunday, and hope it may inspire a few individuals to come to the recital, and maybe even fall in love with the music program.

“Coming in as an outsider I would definitely say this could certainly inspire people to become involved with the program just seeing the base of knowledge our professor has and thinking about how he could improve them or instruct them on how to become skilled in the instrument they play,” Long said.

While there is limited seating to comply with COVID-19 protocols, Reed still invites all to come to the recital which is free to attend, and hopes to see several students, colleagues and locals in attendance.