CAB delays event schedule release, preps for ice skating

The CAB Schedule of Events for January and February on campus.

Nate Powalie

The CAB Schedule of Events for January and February on campus.

Nate Powalie, Sports Columnist

Every semester at Ashland University, the Campus Activities Board (CAB) releases an event schedule for what they plan to do on campus for students.

Usually, the schedule is released during the first week of classes, however, the schedule for the spring 2021 semester was delayed until the second week, and was officially posted on Jan. 25

The schedule includes events planned for January and February, and CAB also released when the free bowling nights at Luray Lanes were scheduled, which will be every other Thursday.  

The organization is overseen by two co-leaders, senior Anna Orange and junior Sydney Good, as well as a new advisor, Shantrice Bradley.

As one of the co-leaders, Orange is frequently involved in the planning of events.

“As a co-leader, Sydney and I oversee all of the committees in more business situations,” she said. “When it comes to events, Sydney and I act as all members of CAB and help out in different areas of each event. That could be from set-up to scanning IDs at the door.”

Having that knowledge and going behind the scenes can help leaders like Orange develop a better understanding of coordinating events.

“There was no delay in the release of the event schedule,” Orange said. “Due to COVID, we have been extra careful with the planning of events but we want the campus to feel as normal as possible. We also did not have an event the first weekend of classes because of the university policy that all group settings were suspended until after testing results had come back.”

Now that the semester has begun and COVID test results have come back, two events in February will be an Acoustic Cafe on the 13 and Ice Skating on the 19.

The Acoustic Cafe is similar to a karaoke bar.

“For Acoustic Cafe on the 13,” Good said, “we are opening up karaoke as an option along with allowing people to perform on their own per usual.” 

Acoustic Cafe not only has karaoke but allows for AU students an opportunity to present spoken-word stories and literature.

With water starting to freeze in the winter, some people will want to take advantage by going ice skating.

“We will be bringing an ice skating company to campus and we will host the ice skating in Redwood,” Good said.

Most of the events on the schedule, except for free bowling nights, will be held on the Ashland campus at Redwood Hall.

More information about events sponsored by CAB have yet to be released in print, however, they can be accessed by going to the Ashland Student Affairs webpage and clicking on a Google Calendar link found under the Activities, Clubs, and Organization subsection of the Student Involvement tab.

For more information about CAB and events happening on campus, students can contact either Orange at [email protected] or Good at [email protected], and Bradley at [email protected]They can also contact the Department of Student Life, whether it be in person in room 230 of the Student Center, via email at [email protected], or by phone at 419-289-5325.