SCRUBS Society gives nurses an outlet for academics and service

Emmalee Lamolinara

The SCRUBS Society is a club located on the Ashland University nursing and main campus. The group consists of a select group of only 19 nursing students that focus on academics and community service. 

Mikayla Horn, Junior nursing student and Secretary of the club said, “one of the reasons I joined Scrubs Society is because I love giving back and helping others. Community service has always been a passion of mine.”

With Horn’s love and passion for community service, “ Since I was younger, I have always volunteered, whether  it be for a small project or a large organization, I always enjoyed donating my time and resources in any way possible” 

“Within my position, I sit on the executive board alongside our President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. I am responsible for taking notes at meetings, sending them out to the group and helping the President in planning and executing events throughout the year.” said Horn. 

SCRUBS Society takes community service very seriously, and does little things around the community and campus to stay busy. 

“We have made tie blankets for Children’s Hospitals, put together chemo bags, held CPR classes, and before Covid, we would host a bake sale of cookies at CON ( Ashland University College of Nursing) every once in a while” says Horn. 

Sophomore Vivian Jones is a new member of the SCRUBS Society and couldn’t wait to join such a great organization on campus.

“As a nursing major, this seemed like the perfect organization for me to get involved” Jones said. “Being a part of AU GIVS already, SCRUBS allows me to participate in community service and focus on my major as well” 

The club usually meets once a month, and they have one community service event a month as well. 

“ I’m looking forward to continuing to go to meetings for SCRUBS and hopefully be able to volunteer safely here soon,” Jones said.

With being a new member in SCRUBS, Jones hopes to possibly take on a position in the future. 

 “I hope to gain new friends, new experiences and a new outlook on my future profession,” Jones said.

For students interested in joining  SCRUBS Society, applications will go out in March to all nursing majors look for those via email.