Convo adds new vegan-friendly options

Emmalee Lamolinara

Ashland University Student Dining is happy to announce that vegan items have been added to many of the meal stations in Convo this past week.

“I’m very happy that they are finally expanding their options for vegetarians and vegans alike because before it was so difficult to find food to eat on campus.” Sophomore Vivian Jones said. 

Convo has recently added these vegan options to the menu to give more of a variety….

  1. All egg lines now have Vegan liquid eggs 
  2. Vegan chicken breast and Vegan beef burgers are available at the Grill Corner and Deli
  3.  Pizza now has a vegan “ mozzarella” and “cheddar” as well as a vegan “ beef “ and “ chicken” 
  4. Deli has variety of sliced vegan cheese 
  5. All breakfast stations now have vegan sausage patties 
  6. Vegan waffles and pancake mix is now available for Saturday and Sunday brunch

“I found it to be very difficult. I usually stuck to the same two things every time I went to Convo, and the same things every time I went to Nest as well.” Jones said

With the options not always accommodating to students with different eating habits, it could definitely get challenging for them to be able to find foods that they can eat, which could also lead to eating the same thing every time. 

“With the rising population of vegetarianism and veganism, it gives these students more options at Convo, which is a very good thing. It will also increase the flow of students that would choose to dine in the student dining hall as well ” Kyleen Culler, a sophomore employee at Convo said. 

With the new vegan options being offered, they are hoping it will help with the amount of students that come into Convo and be able to find something they will be able to eat and enjoy.

“We are wanting to give these students more options at Convo, especially those with different eating situations” said Culler. 

“I’m glad that little by little they are starting to expand the options for those who prefer vegan/ vegetarian options. Especially, since it has been hard at times for me to find food in the dining hall” says Jones. 

With these changes, students who are intrigued are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for many other food options that will be offered in their time at AU.