Journalism and Digital Media bids farewell to December graduates

Lodwick is a Digital Media Production major, Marketing minor who has been involved in both AUTV20 and WRDL during her time on campus.

“I started off doing the crew for TV20. I also did weather and news in 90 for WRDL. I’m a production director for WRDL and on Early Bird’s Word (the morning show on 88.9 FM.

My favorite classes are all of my audio-focused courses- especially, Basic to Advanced Audio, where we made our own radio station and a podcast.

Election 20 for sure [is my favorite moment]! It was so rewarding to see all of our hard work pay off and have so many people enjoy it! I’m so happy that I was a part of it, and that I had such a big role in it.

I have made so many memories here, it’s hard to pick one, but the one that stands out to me the most is stepping into the control room for the first time during a news and sports break. I was so in awe about how everything works. And now, being able to do every position in that room is so fulfilling because I never thought I would get to that point.

After graduation, I am going to move to Columbus and find a really good job there! I also want to take some time and visit family that lives out of state.

I learned what I’m most passionate about here. I started out as undecided with no real plan in mind. When I started getting involved with JDM, I discovered that I really enjoy audio production and being on the radio.

My ultimate dream job is to work for a recording studio/ record label in New York! It’s called fueled by Ramen. Most of my favorite bands have that record label and just the thought of working with them would be so crazy.”

Eli Johnson

Johnson is a Digital Media Production major and Public Relations minor. He has done work for both WRDL and AUTV-20 during his time at AU.

Johnson has been involved in WRDL Sports broadcasting, as well as AU football, basketball and volleyball sporting events on Sport- stime Ohio. He also did sports break for AUTV-20.

His favorite class was Ethics, while his favorite teacher John Skrada.

During his time on campus, Johnson’s favorite project to be a part of was creating public service announcements and informational spots during radio professional practice alongside great commentary partners like Derek Wood, Noah Cloonan and Brandon Wells was among one of Johnson’s favorite memories.

As for post-grad plans, he plans to continue working to better myself and my family. When asked what a lesson he learned about himself was, Johnson replied, “I learned about my work ethic and the value I associate with money and family.”

Lastly, in the future, Johnson’s dream job would be professional dog petter.

Paul Murray

Murray is a Journalism major with a minor in Production. He spent his time in college balancing his time doing both video and writing work for all aspects of student media.

During his time on campus, Murray participated in several shows and student mediums. He held DJ shifts on WRDL, was an anchor on the set of AUTV-20, where he predominantly focused on sports and news breaks.

Alongside those accomplishments, Murray was the Executive News Producer for AUTV-20 last year, and he hosted a show on the channel called, “Make it or Break it: Dating show.”

His favorite class has been Dr. Russel Weaver’s Russian Novel class, and his favorite project has been the dating show, which showed comedy and skill as he navigated producing a new series for the first time in his production experience.

During his track and field career, Murray ended up winning a National Championship along with the rest of the AU Track team. This, he said, was his favorite memory of all.


His plans after graduation include working with WMFD-TV and going to Officer Candidate school with the Ohio Army National Guard.

Some of the lessons he learned during his time at AU was, “laugh at your mistakes and celebrate your victories.” Along with the words of wisdom: “worms do not make a good substitute for protein.” No, we don’t want to know..
His dream job would be to become the host of the Tonight Show.

Sean Clark

Clark is a Production major and Journalism minor. He has spent his time writing for the Collegian and, while also crewing on the set of AUTV-20.

Balancing three mediums, Clark was able to practice his skills in radio, TV and writing while attending AU.

A few of his favorite classes were choir, audio and video aesthetics, which shows his interest in the spoken word.

One of his favorite memories was picking a song and making a music video for it, which all majors are required to do during their first years in the JDM program.

“My favorite memory here is meeting my friends and playing tabletop games with them,” Clark said.

In his years spent here, he learned quite a bit about himself and discovered a love for Dungeons and Dragons.

Clark has plans to move in with his girlfriend after graduation and to begin working in Ashland.

Christine Jenkinson

Jenkinson is a double major in Digital Media Production and Digital Media Journalism. She has been a part of all four student mediums and plans to work her way up to the White House press pool.

Jenkinson has been busy during her time on campus. She worked on major broadcasts for AUTV-20 like Election 20, Good Afternoon Ashland and Live in the 419. She also was an editor of the Collegian in previous years and now serves as the Breaking News Reporter for For WRDL 88.9 FM she conducted a Devotional Discussion in her free time.

One of her favorite classes has been Understanding Islam, which she said is “really important, as a journalist and as a US citizen, to learn all sides of issues and ideas.” Her favorite professors were Dave McCoy, Kelly Meyer and Todd Stumpf.

Out of all of her projects, Election 20 was the one that made her most proud and excited. “I absolutely loved working with my peers to produce such a professional show, and to see what they were capable of was very encouraging.”

Working on JDM projects late at night with a group of people was one of her all-time favorite memories, she added, “I don’t think I have ever laughed that hard in my life!”

As for post-grad plans: “My plans for after graduation are going to vary, based on where companies are in the midst of the pandemic.

Hopefully, I will be able to work at a newspaper or a tv news station. I learned SO much about myself here at AU! The most important thing was that I really like being in a leadership position where I can make a change. Which leads me to my next answer…

My ultimate dream job is to produce a show – in a city, that’s important- where I bring leaders in to be interviewed. Leaders in their communities, and then work my way up to the White House. I think that ‘leaders in communities’ is a very broad topic, which makes room for a ton of ideas.”