Sustainability Club makes strides toward a greener planet


Submitted by: Sustainability Club

Club president, Tracy Morgan helps collect trash behind the fraternity houses.

Emmalee Lamolinara

The Sustainability Club is an organization on the Ashland University campus that helps to promote awareness about the amount of things people throw out without really realizing the side effects it has towards the environment. 

“The Sustainability Club is a newer organization on campus that is focused on spreading awareness of environmental issues, educating campus about more sustainable living, and trying to promote a greener lifestyle, Tracy Morgan, club president said.

 “A lot of what we do is aimed at helping people make better choices for the planet. We have both worked towards implementing initiatives on campus and also having events that revolve around sustainability.”  

President of Sustainability Club, was drawn to the organization based on the amount of time and commitment they put into helping the environment. 

Morgan says “ This is my third year in the organization, and my second year as president. The first year I was a part of it, it was very small and we didn’t really do much, but when the former president resigned, I took over and have been the president since.” 

While Morgan has been able to hold the position as president for the last two years she takes on many rules and responsibilities that come her way with holding such a position. 

“As president I do a lot of the organization and correspondence for the events and initiatives. There are a lot of emails and meetings on my end, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!” Morgan says. 

With the concept of normal being turned upside down due to the pandemic, the Sustainability Club took all things into consideration to still be functional for this semester. 

“ We have a lot more virtual meetings and a lot fewer meetings where as before we would  always meet in the Student Center and talk about our ideas” Morgan said. 

Megan Lollo, secretary of the club said she joined the club because, [I love to help the planet!] 

“I was extremely excited to hear about this  club and see what we could accomplish. Once the club was official and we could set goals and plan events,” Lollo said. 

“This club has grown significantly since I became president both in number of members, but also in the expense of what we’ve accomplished,” Morgan said. 

Morgan has said she has enjoyed seeing the organization grown so much from the time she joined.  

 “We’re working towards a lot of changes and a lot of goals and I’m so proud of everything this club has become and accomplished. I’m even more excited to see what we can accomplish in the future,” Morgan said. 

Hints for the Sustainability Club scavenger hunt on campus. (Submitted by: Sustainability Club )

The Sustainability Club had many events throughout this past semester, With the last one being back in March before the pandemic. 

“We have recently just had two events that last couple of weekends. We had a scavenger hunt on Oct. 25 where the clues all related to campus and sustainability facts and the grand prize was a TV,” Morgan said. “It was also our first event we had since we weren’t able to be here last year for Earth Day”

Recently they had another event take place on campus. 

“We had a campus clean up day in the woods behind the fraternity houses that took place on Nov. 1. We also have been collecting lids to melt down and make a bench for campus. Collection boxes can be found around camps and in residence halls,” Lollo said. Students interested in joining the Sustainability club can contact Tracy Morgan, at [email protected]