A word from the AUTV-20 station manager


Gracie Wilson

Senior and Station Manager of AUTV-20, Christine Jenkinson.


The AUTV-20 Election 20 show is underway and bringing viewers live coverage and information about both local and national elections.

The show is a combined effort of students across all four mediums in the Journalism and Digital Media Department (JDM) but would not be possible without the work of AUTV-20 Station Manager, Christine Jenkinson who sees this as a pivotal part of her future after graduation.

“This professional experience is going to help me so much in my future career and it’s going to help everyone involved, she said. “For me to be in charge of all these people and see them grow from day one has been magical.”

Jenkinson is a senior graduating in December 2020 with a degree in Digital Media Journalism and Production. Her goal is to produce her own show in a city where she can interview people in the community about why they do what they do and eventually work her way up to interviewing people in the White House.

The first step in that direction is heading up a show such as Election 20 and recognizing the importance of participating in the election.

“It’s just important to get into the habit of voting as we graduate and start our lives,” Jenkinson said.

Students have been putting in the work for tonight’s show since the school year began and now it has come to life. There were positives and negatives to the experience, but Jenkinson is overall grateful for it and wants to extend her thanks to everyone involved.

“Thank you so much to everyone involved,” she said. “We are very blessed to have Dr. McCoy and John Skrada. We were really able to pick their brain and they gave us everything they had.”

Although the media platforms in JDM are student run and the Election 20 show is run by the students, the faculty and staff of the department contributed to the show as well.

“It’s student run but we literally would be nothing without them. So, thank you so much to them for the opportunity for allowing us to do this especially during COVID season.

The show has come to life and is now broadcasting on AUTV-20. From day one to election night, Jenkinson worked with students all along the way to make a successful show.

“The best part has been watching the ideas come into actions,” Jenkinson said. “Since day one, we’ve been writing things down on a really big white board and now were watching them on TV and that’s so cool to me.”