Election 20 show poll gets over 100 responses


Alayna Ross

A majority of poll responders were voters ages 18 to 24

Gracie Wilson, Collegian Managing Editor

For the past weeks leading up to Election Day and the Election 20 broadcast on AUTV-20, the Journalism and Digital Media (JDM) department and social media team conducted a poll created and led by Alayna Ross, a senior JDM student.

The poll received 136 responses leading to election night and reports a majority of 18 to 24-year-olds responding and 57 percent of people voting in person.

Back in October, the candidates participated in two presidential debates which 82 percent of poll takers reported watching. Of that group however, 71 percent of people reported that the debate has no influence on how they decide to vote.

Responders to the poll came close in response when asked if they would be confident in a younger candidate for president. The votes came in at a 59 percent to 41 percent result with the majority saying they would feel more confident if there were younger president in office.

The poll was conducted anonymously so that responders could feel confident in sharing their views without being identified. A majority of responders reported being pro-choice, in support of gun rights and supporting police reform as well as universal healthcare.

The results to the poll help the reporters and staff of Election 20 see the demographic of voters in the area and to see what issues are important to the community.