Social media team prepares for up to date coverage on Election 20 show


Gracie Wilson

Chante Rutherford and Autumn Marthey talk to Facebook Live viewers as part of Election 20.


The Election 20 show broadcast by AUTV-20 and the Journalism and Digital Media Department is a culmination of all the department aspect to bring a converged show to viewers that follows the 2020 election.

Part of the show this year is a social media team that is live updating followers across multiple platforms so that they can keep up with Election 20 all night long. The team of Chante Rutherford, Autumn Marthey and Alayna Ross are prepared to give updates and a live stream throughout the show.

“We have been, for the past two months and some change, documenting the process of [the] Election 20 live broadcast,” Rutherford, AUTV-20 Social Media Producer said. “We have been informing people of what’s going on, talking to guests and talking to students.

The team of three is providing updates to go along with the live broadcast, but also providing options for people who do not have the opportunity to watch live such as a Facebook Live stream for updates and information.

“For some people who either won’t have time to watch the stream itself or anything of that nature, we are going to be shooting off some videos and interviews that were prerecorded,” Rutherford said.

Anyone who is unable to watch Election 20 live, or the Facebook Live stream can count on the social media team to bring them updates from the Center for the Arts studio.

“I think we are ready,” Rutherford said. “There are a lot of things that could potentially stop us or just lead us down a different path but…we have a lot of plans in place currently.”

The team is prepared to give updates, and they come from all mediums in the JDM department from AUTV-20 to 88.9 WRDL radio, to The Collegian.

“We’re showing how we went from nothing to basically this five hour plus broadcast,” Rutherford said.