Art Club: leaving a creative mark on campus


Submitted by: Art Club

AU Art Club crafted for their 2019 Valentine’s Day Charity Event.

Sean Repuyan, AU-TV 20 NEWS TALENT

Art is the cornerstone of every community and its culture. It can represent a community’s history, illustrating the many aspects of the community and the culture it surrounds itself with. 

Art Club President Alexis Stanley takes that concept and applies it to a small community of support within the university and the stressfulness that comes with college life. “The reason why I love art,” Stanley said, “is because it is so therapeutic and offers an outlet, a relief. I truly love the community we have created with the Art Club.”

Crafts, canvases and charities are what make up the club. In a typical year, the club’s meetings would consist of the elections for board and their constitution outlines, and ideas for potential charitable events. 

These meetings are usually held within the Center for the Arts and most of their events and galleries would fill up the Coburn Gallery. 

Although Stanley has said that the club does not take many group pictures, especially with the risk of COVID, photos from the various events the club has hosted can be found on their social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram. 

Whenever the club meets, the group will do crafts and have their own “picnic in the park.” These meetings encourage bonding and enhance the supportiveness and community they represent. 

Stanley said that the club is not limited to just art majors and that she encourages students from any and all majors to be involved in this supportive system the club has created. If anything, the club is dedicated to inclusion, involvement and especially creativity.