A Town Tap comes to Main Street in Ashland


Used with permission by A Town Tap

A Town Tap’s Effen Good drink

Hannah Witteman

Ashland’s main street welcomed a new restaurant/bar, A Town Ta, on Tuesday, Oct. 13. 

A Town Tap’s storefront was previously known as the Tap Room which did not serve food, but had food trucks outside and when COVID hit, they closed. 

“It [storefront] was bought out by Scott and RoseMarie Donley and they approached me. They called me up and asked me to meet with them because they said they had an opportunity” General Manager, Andrew Coffy said.

With help from the staff and the Donley’s, Coffy was about to rebuild the store to make it new and improved. 

“[We] kind of built it from the Tap Room, which was kind of dimly lit. We brightened it up in here, made it more of a classy feel, kind of a ‘date night’ location” Coffy said. 

Although there are other restaurants/bars around the area already, A-Town Tap brings expansion and new look to main street. 

“Main street when you think about it is just up towards where the brewery is and it’s not really expanded down to this half of main street, so opening up down here to kind of drive the traffic and make main street quote on quote ‘a bigger section’ of Ashland” Coffy said. 

The workers of A Town Tap are focused on the experience their customers have more than anything. 

“One of my customers came in the other day and said ‘it doesn’t feel like you’re in Ashland’. It looks and feels a little bit more upscale however our prices are still competitive with everybody. You’re not going to be paying an arm and a leg for a date” Coffy said. 

The food and drink menus take on a very unique style unlike some restaurants in the Ashland area. 

“My favorite things so far are the unique menu items. You won’t find our menu items anywhere else in Ashland, and that is what draws people to A Town Tap I think” Waitress Jade Harris said. 

One of the unique food options offered is the blue porcupine flat bread. It has a garlic butter base with pulled pork, cheddar cheese, blue cheese, caramelized pineapple, barbeque sauce, and blue cheese dressing. 

“I don’t even like blue cheese but the flavors of all this work together really well” Coffy said. 

Not only are the food names interesting, but the names of the drinks take on their own spin. 

One of their most popular cocktails is called Effen Good Raspberry Lemonade and is made from EFFEN vodka, raspberries, and lemonade according to the A-Town Tap website. 

A Town Tap also offers a variety of different types of mules for their customers, but with a twist. 

“So typically, they’re [the drinks] ‘moscow mules’ which makes you think Russian. So these are a bunch of different mules that aren’t necessarily Russian” Coffy said, “We have one called the ‘American’ made from moonshine, one called the ‘Russian’ made from vodka, one is the ‘Southern’ made from whiskey…” 

For people who are thinking about visiting, the business is offering a five percent discount for students, military discounts, and always have specials.

“I promise you will not be disappointed in A Town Tap. Our hours are Tuesday-Saturday 4pm-11pm, so come out and have a drink or grab some food. I could even be your waitress!” Harris said.